We enable young people to get off the streets

and give them a secure future in Togo.


We help to achieve success in life

and thereby reduce poverty

throught education & practice!



Diploma awarding 2015

Tuesday 24. November after three years of formation and a successfully passed final exams in September this year the day had finally come for the 16 apprentices of AGERTO who will leave the centre to start their working life.

For the ceremony there were several officials invited, beneath them the German Ambassador in Togo and the prefect of Kloto. Before the diplomas could be distributed to the graduates a lot of speeches were given and music was played. After the diploma award special prices were given to the most successful apprentices.

The following day the whole team of AGERTO voyaged to the centre in Akpakpakpe to follow the local diploma awards.

On Thursday the row was completed with a ceremony at the centre in Sokodé (Kemini).

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Construction of a Church

For the past six weeks the carpenter of AGERTO have been working on a construction site of a church in Kpalimé. The church that belongs to a pastor who is a friend of AGERTO was quite small so that there wasn’t enough space for everyone who wanted to attend the service. If you were late you had to stay outside next to the building and follow the service from out there. The church consisted of a concrete floor with concrete bordering and a low roof made of corrugated iron sheets.

The apprentices of AGERTO constructed another roof for the church for free without payment. This roof attaches to the former church and gives it three times as much the space than there was before.

Firstly the wooden framework was erected and was afterwards completed with the corrugated iron sheets. In the following the carpenters created the bordering and the concrete floor, which helps to keep the water out during heavy rainfalls, and protects the church from being washed away. 

Generous donation by Togo-Hilfe e.V.

Togo-Hilfe e.V. has once again with a generous donation helped to realise several projects at AGERTO.

The collapsed roof of the building of the carpentry and the welders had to be restored For which there had to be taken a high loan. By donating 8.000€ Togo-Hilfe has taken most of the loan so we could continue working on more recent projects. They include the new software for accountancy SAARI which allows an even higher standard in transparency of our finances. Moreover a further donation of 1.000€ supported a air conditioning for the office of Messan, a gutter for the Internet café and the bathrooms as well as oil-based paint that helps protect the plaster from spalling.

With another donation at the amount of 2.000€ a part of the construction of the formation centre in Akpakpakpe was financed so that by now the foundation walls and the roof are already build.


A big „thank you“ goes to Togo-Hilfe and all donators who have made this possible!

The apprentices say THANK YOU!

                   Diploma 2014

For 11 students it was finally the last they of their education here. All of them received diplomas which are awarded state regognition and a big celebration was held. A delegation of Togo-Hilfe e.V. Rheinbach, lead by Michael Firmenich, and the prefect were also present and whished the graduates best of luck and success in their future lifes. Furthermore two famous musicians and a circus group entertaint the crowd. Read more!

Become a sponsor!

 Most of the young adults who seeked refuge at AGERTO have spend their past life in difficult circumstances, on the streets, even in prison or are disabled. Here they receive a second chance.


Martin is an example fort his. He had lost one leg in a biking accident and had already given up on having possibilities in his life. With the support of a directed donation a leg prosthesis could be bought for him!


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The 20-year-old half-orphan Jacqueline Tchabletien Badjokine came from Pana near Dapaong in the north of Togo to us in Kpalimé to start her apprenticeship in the carpentry. Her father was taken by a severe disease when she was still very young. Her mother was left behind with Jacqueline, her two brothers and four sisters that she had to care for. Jacqueline started bravely her way to absolve an apprenticeship in a male-dominated working area. She has found shelter at AGERTO and is now looking for a sponsor who can help realise her dream of a real qualification. To finance her meals and the shelter there is a need of 15€ per month – please help!

15 year old orphan Simon Aledji came to us from Sokodé, in the north of Togo, to begin his apprenticeship to become a carpenter. His father died when he was very young, his mother he lost to a severe disease. Now, Simon, who went to school in Sokodé for 6 years, is in the south of the country for the first time. Alone and to himself, he found a place to stay here at AGERTO. Now, he is looking for a sponsor, who can help him to realize the dream of a real apprenticeship. He is in the need of only 18 USD (15 Euro) per month to finance meal and shelter-

Please help!

Sponsor a tree

You would like to help? You would like to make a DONATION?

And you would like to do something beneficial for the environment at the same time?

Then you can fund a sapling for a tree on the grounds of AGERTO – this can be a mango or a papaya tree or an oil palm.