Your help matters!

Singe donation are always warmly welcomed by AGERTO.

You can inform us if you would like to make a donation for a certain working area. We will respond and record exactly where we put the donation to use.

With only 15€ per month you can sponsor an apprentice and in that way secure the nourishment for one apprentice. You can also improve the medical care of the trainees with your contribution. The salary of one teacher can be guaranteed by a contribution of 30-50€ per month.

Since AGERTO e.V. is a certified non-profit organisation in Germany (Würzburg) we have the possibility to issue receipts for the donations.

Please remember to give your name and address if you would like to receive a receipt about your donation. Only with that we can send it to you!

Become a Volunteer!

AGERTO is always receiving volunteers for short, medium and long-term projects and encourage many more to come and be part of our work. Below is a list of programs for which we receive volunteers. We also place volunteers with other agencies on site or with the Government when they are in demand for volunteers.

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Join a Partnership or support a trainee!

We thank our partners who for six years have continued to support our center and efforts to ending poverty in Togo. We appreciate all that you do for us and truly count on your humanitarian support.

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How can I help?

Ivane Kastano states, "he who has saved a man has saved humanity". We thank you and our former partners for having such a great desire to join us for the construction of humanity.

Since globalization, the majority of the population has been confronted with unprecedented challenges.

These problems include unemployment, lack of access to housing, malnutrition and weakening health conditions.

As mentioned, children are more vulnerable to these social difficulties, and suffer later on in life.

With these findings, AGERTO helps Togo by creating a reliable and durable solution through the orphanage project. The association can’t do it alone without external aid so it strongly urges all those who are interested including sister organizations to partner with us for this very promising project.

We are always looking for sponsors, partners, active members, machinery and materials and are grateful for any form of help!

Thank you for your understanding and support!

The Germano Togolese Association holds over 225 girls and boys in its four centers of social learning. These youth need help and are looking for guardians for their support.

This support helps with housing; clothes, food and their training in different areas of study.

We accept donations of 20 to 30 $ per month for you to be able to fund a child. We currently have partners that contribute 50 $ per month.

These young people are counting on you to help them learn a trade for their futures.

Thank you for your support to social work!