You want to be a volunteer?

Contact us ( or read more about the international volunteer programs at Volunteer World

We are always looking for volunteers and offer work camps.


AGERTO can also place volunteers in their prefered working areas:

-If you are looking for a certain kind of project in

 Togo, feel free to consult us as we have a long

 experience and high reputation in our country. We

 will enjoy advising and placing you.

-If you would like to spend the time as a volunteer at

 AGERTO we welcome volunteers who want to  spend a longer period of time (between months and  years)

 in Togo.

-We offer a various choice of working areas

 and there is enough space to implement own ideas.

-AGERTO can also help with finding host families or other accommodation.


By performing a voluntary service together with sustainable tourism everyone who takes part in these projects makes a small contribution in the life of everyone they meet here and develops a distinct mind. Nowadays it is ever important to become conscious of the cultural diversity of the world today.


An ever-growing part of young adults from northern countries voyage to spend time in countries of the south and to take part in the daily life of the society, to exchange with the people and to get to know a new culture. The society and local institutions welcome the volunteers, who participate in projects for the development of the country, warmly. This is why the officially recognized NGO AGERTO has set its goal to bring the local society and the volunteers together. The intercultural exchange takes a main part in the procedure. The volunteers can work in different areas. We can find a suitable task for everyone no matter their qualification.


In this way it is possible to make an individual contribution in a project that shows international connections.


By being a volunteer you can make a small change in the development of countries of the global south and also enrich your own experiences and mind by getting to know a different lifestyle. This kind of stay in another country gives the opportunity to learn about the daily struggles of the local population and to verify the view on developing countries that is given by the media.


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