Thanks to the organization PSI, AGERTO was able to provide three apprenticeships on accurate HIV/AIDS training. Once members were trained accurately on these subjects they were able to continue training others on the knowledge they acquired.




AGERTO has taken initiatives to contribute to the replanting of trees to better the environment. One project that AGERTO has taken on includes reusing old plastic water bags and using them as planting bags. These plants were offered to community members and advertised through the public radio. This is an example of AGERTO’s contribution to environmental conservation and teaching the importance of nature.



Currently AGERTO cooperates with the association Childcare Afrika e.v. which deals with improving living conditions in the small village of Agbétiko, located not far from Kpalimé. After building a primary school, AGERTO also contributed to the community by creating benches and beds for a nearby orphanage. As a product of this contribution several dozen children are now provided with a safe place to call home.


A special thanks to Thomas Krahl for his voluntary work in helping these projects come through and maintaining contact with Childcare Arfika e.v. The cooperation between our two associations is rewarding for both sides and strengthens our efforts to further childcare in Togo.