A drop in a bucket?



Thérese EFU comes from the small village Akpadapé 12 km from Kpalimé close the boarder to Ghana. She was a very engaged apprentice an visits the centres often to say hello and to see if everything is going well at AGERTO. In July 2011 she has successfully finished her education with a diploma and could start her own atelier. By now she herself trains 4 apprentices and has many orders from her village. She is content and happy with the opportunity that was given to her and the life she has created from that.

Without the free formation at AGERTO she would have never gotten such an opportunity to finance her own living, create her own family and even nourish them with only her income.

This might be just a story for someone and a donation or other engagement might not count much in their eyes, but for Thérese the work of Messan and the stuff of AGERTO was the chance to escape poverty and now be able to earn her own living.

Thérese is a good example for the opportunities that are created by the work of AGERTO. It gives perspectives and chances for the youth and their future and therefore it supports sustainably the development of the country.

Our new apprentice Amévi - february 26. 2014

A secure home, caring parents, education as well as games and fun are part of a lucky childhood for us. For DJINTSI Amévi this was not naturally given. Since his parents died when he was still very young, he as an orphan could only visit the free primary school. The boy lived at his foster father, where he had to work the whole day in the tropical heat on the field. Therefore the skinny 15 year old looks quite a bit younger.

He decided to collect the money that he earned from the sale of wood and coal to pay the transport to AGERTO. This story almost resembles a fairy tale.

Without even one Franc the helpless and scared boy came to AGERTO to ask for work and a formation. We take it as our duty to provide a shelter, food, work, a formation and caring surroundings for children and young adults like Amévi.

This challenges AGERTO financially, as it is not easy to find sponsors. Therefore we would be glad about your support.