The formation centres are open for everyone, no matter what gender, origin or religion and offer help. Lessons are being held during the opening hours from Monday to Friday. The weekend the centres are closed.

The main centre can be found in Kpalimé. The president, the accountant and the secretary sit here, so all communication and organisation is directed from here. Despite of that all centres are working independently.


The centre in KPALIME is attended by about 40 apprentices that learn in the areas of tailoring, carpentry and welding, which are taught by 16 instructors. The centre houses as well a small infirmary. For the apprentices who have no relatives in Kpalimé there are about seven housing opportunities behind the centre. There they have their own room and kitchen.


The largest grounds has the centre in KARA with 70 apprentices who are being taught by 7 teachers. The centre can be found in the suburb Awndjelo.


The centre in SOKODE (central region of Togo) is situated a bit further from the city centre in the suburb Kemini. For the 35 apprentices (mainly boys) there are 3 teachers. Since the predominant religion in this region of Togo is the Islam, the girls are underprivileged for receiving a professional formation.


The centre in NOTSE is the newest centre. About 30 apprentices are being trained in the the district Akakpakpé.