A miller's house for Akpakpakpe


Today the constructions for a house for the miller of the corn mill and his family in Akpakpakpe has started. Even if big parts of the walls are made of soil, water and only a little bit of cement, we still have to completly carburise the floor and to fettle the walls. On top, the roof has to be built out of wood and zinc. The costs for these materials are going to be arround €1600, so we are searching generous people for the support of our project.

Power supply in Kemeni


The World Bank has now financed 380 kW high-tension current for our centre in Kemeni (near Sokode), so we can finally offer our apprentices electrical machinery like saws and planing benches. What is left is the laying of the lines to the workshops and the installation of light, plug sockets etc. This will cost AGERTO about 1000€ according to our electrician on-site. To finance all of this, we need donators and appreciate all kinds of help.

New square for our container


After a lot of sweat and work at the turn of the year, our newly built square for our container is now just waiting for its container, which will provide us machinery etc as well as stock ground. Still waiting in Germany, our container is already excited to travel to Togo soon. So if you want to support AGERTO with donations in kind, you have now the opportunity to do so. We are looking forward to every donation and already say "Akpe kaka" (Thank you).

Menstruation cups for the apprenties

Products such as tampons are with European prices unaffordable, that is why many women use remnants from the trash. Starting today, they have another option: Dina Lindner collected 1040€ among her family and friends to buy 130 menstruation cups of the brand Me Luna for the apprentices and the teachers of AGERTO. 

A big Thank You to Dina and her donators and also to Me Luna, who has given us a generous volume discount, for helping to improve the hygiene of our protégés.

Diploma awarding Akpakpakpe

On November 23rd, the celebration for the diploma took place in the centre of AGERTO in Akpakpakpe near Notsé. After passing the exam about one month ago, one tailor has now received her official diploma and was celebrated by her friends, teachers and the many visitors, amongst them the ambassador of Germany in Togo, Cristoph Sander, the prefector of Notsé and the delegate for Togo of the Board of Trade of Colonia.

After the ceremony, Mister Sander also opened the newly built accommodations with a kitchen and two showers and the mill for corn that was donated by Togo-Hilfe e.V., whose delegation under Michael Firmenich was also present and proud.

Diploma awarding 2017

On Tuesday, November 21st, it was time again: the seven graduates of AGERTO Kpalimé  received their official diploma in the yearly celebration. After three years of apprenticeship, the six tailors and one bar bender are now ready for the world of work on their own.

Free checks for diabetes

 Last saturday, AGERTO in Kpalimé gave the people of the region the opportunity to take free checks for diabetes. Many people in Togo do not know about the danger of diabetes nor if they have this diseas so many people still die to it. Thakns to AGERTO, 49 men and women now know about their own state and can take insulin and other medicin in the case of need. Our special thanks is to Action Medeor for the tests and to TogoHilfe e.V. for the payment of the toll.

Diploma exam 2017

AGERTO hosted the annual diploma exam for the tailors in Kpalimé. Of the 99 examinees of AGERTO but also of the whole region acchieved 97 their official diploma and are now ready to open their own atelier.

Infirmary opened

After the medicaments of Action Medeor were sorted and granted, AGERTO opened its new infirmary in Kpalimé. Here, the apprentices can get a medical treatment and medicin for the basic diseas.

Donation of medicine

The donation of medicine of Action Medeor reached us now in Kpalimé. On monday, we will start to unpack, sort and tally. With the donation reached us aswell a big bill. Therefore we are searching eager donatiors to help us.


Some apprentices of AGERTO Notsé visited AGERTO in Kpalimé and made a trip together with Messan to the filling company Clever near Kpalimé.

Visiting Kpalimé was much fun for everyone, but it could only be organiced and founded a one day trip to safe money for the next year. Then, the apprentices are planning to stay for one whole week.


Who wants to fulfill this wish can willingly engage.

Diploma awarding 24. November 2015


Tuesday 24. November the time had come for the 16 graduates. After three years of formation and the successfully passed exam in September the day of the awarding of the diplomas had finally arrived.

For the past two weeks the whole team of AGERTO had prepared the grounds for the ceremony. The garden was maintained, the lawn mowed, the buildings cleaned, the national hymn of the Germany practiced and a roof erected. The roof consisted of branches and bamboo cane as pillar and palm leaves as a roof. The guests could find shelter underneath.

The invitations, distributed by hand to the doorstep of the receiver, included officials and relatives of the apprentices.

On Monday the food preparations started and the afternoon the German quests from Togo-Hilfe e.V. and the evangelique church Esslingen examine together with an external accountant the accountancy of AGERTO for the sixth time.

The ceremony on Tuesday started at about 9’o clock. The official guests were seated vis-à-vis to the rest underneath the roof of the magazine. The officials included the German Ambassador in Togo, the prefect of Kloto, several heads of villages, the German guests and a delegation of the police.

The programme was filled of speeches by Messan AMEGNIHO, Michael (Togo-Hilfe e.V.), pastor Edel (Esslingen), the German Ambassador and the prefect of Kloto. Apart from the opening and closing prayers there was a live music performance and a music installation.

For the flag ceremony the apprentices sang the hymns of Germany and Togo. As it came to the essential part of the occasion each graduate was awarded not only their diploma, but also a huge applause by their fellow apprentices. As every year there were some students with a prize from the THC-Bonn. This year there were eight apprentices to received a start-up for their future atelier.

After the graduates were finished it was the teachers’ turn. To each a envelope with a financial present was distributed.

The visitors from Germany had brought some gifts with them on their flight. These were presented together with the content of the ten boxes that had been shipped in a container from Germany to Lomé.

After the programme had finished with a short delay it was time for lunch. The invites could choose between b between rice, hablo and pate. Furthermore several drinks were being served and the music continued to play outside so that the atmosphere stayed high.

At about 15’o clock most of the guests returned home and the team of AGERTO left the centre to relax a bit before the long journey of the following day.

Akpakpakpe (Notsé)

The following the whole team of AGERTO (apprentices and teachers) met at 6’o clock at the centres to depart at 7.30 h towards the centre in Akpakpakpe, Notsé. The journey led over a dust street, so that everyone got of the truck covered with dust after the 2 ½ hour drive.

The diploma awarding started at 14’o clock. The guests from Germany were warmly welcomed. Next to the invited guests that included several heads of villages, representative of the police, the German partners and a music group, many people from the village had come to support the graduates.

There were two of the 20 apprentices who finished their apprenticeship this year. Most apprentices are girls, because the centre concentrated mainly on tailoring. To fully enjoy the ceremony the apprentices presented typical dances of the region where everyone was invited to join in.

After 2 ½ hours of speeches, dances, music and of course the diploma awarding the team of AGERTO in Kpalimé had to say good bye and depart again towards home. The way was interrupted by the search for fell which offered a 1 ½ hour break before the journey was continued. At 20.00 h the truck finally reached the centre in Kpalimé.



The centre in Sokodé celebrated the diploma awarding the Thursday.


We congratulate all successful graduates of this year and wish them all the best for the future.

Akpakpakpe - 6. may 2015

The floor of the carpentry and the administration has been finished. Yesterday the walls were painted in yellow and blue and the gutter was installed (in perfect timing as the wet season starts soon).

Not far from this new building a lunch room has been erected so that the visitors can relax there rather than waiting inside the workshop. The metalworker, welder, mechanics, carpenter and electricians don not have to work underneath the trees anymore, but there has been shelter from palm leafs (“klé“) with a roof of zinc build for them. These palm leafs was bought by some men in the bush, transported to the car on their heads and then brought to Akpakpakpe by car.

For the construction of the roof cement, wooden boards, colour, paint brushes and zinc plates were bought. Unfortunately the price for cement has risen again up to 5100F per bag and in the area of Notsé wood with 3500F isn’t cheap either. Still the donation of Togo-Hilfe has supported the efforts with acquisition and transport of the material a lot. Together with the resposibles in Akpakpakpe the German and Togolese flag were being hoisted and the national hymns of the two countries were practiced a little with the staff and apprentices.


The only thing still missing in the centre is a firm power connection for the welders, who have been working with current that has been produced by gas. The gas has to be renewed because of that production of current in that way is a constant expense.


To place a power connection is too expensive since the centre is too far away from the local electricity grid. Some solar panels on the roof would be a great help and also environmentally friendly in comparison to current produced with gas.

To realise this project we need help and financial support from donations.

Since September 2013 AGERTO became a center of examination at the request of the President of the NGO. So this year more than 264 students from across the region have made in the centers of AGERTO. We thank the Government for accepting our request and we also thank the jury of Lomé.


Humanitarian concert


InLomé onMay 11th there was a benefit concert for the anniversary ofthe death ofBobMarley. This wasa tribute tothis legendarymusician andco-founder ofreggae, byorganizingmany concerts andfestivals.That year,AGERTOhadthe honor of presentingthemost famous artists inTogoincludingKingMensahandKezita. This was AGERTO’s firstcharity and thanks tothecommittedorganizersand artists whoallowed us to achieve this unforgettableevent.

We arevery happy to seethe Togoleseartistsgive their votestothedevelopment of our projects.




Since 2010, the health clinic at AGERTO has been up and running with a nurse trained in the treatment of a wide variety of illnesses. AGERTO continues to treat children in their programs along with community members who would not otherwise be able to afford treatment.


Thanks to ACTION MEDEOR AGERTO medical donations are regularly obtained.Even with this support, our medical optionsare fairly limited and we are always welcoming any sort of medical support including-volunteers withmedicalexperience, machinery ordrugs.


Exemption from taxes


We would like to thank the Togolese government for signing an agreement to exempt taxes on the machinery for the center. Even the vehicles that we purchase at the Port of Lomé are given to us at a discounted price. This helps us manage our donations more cost efficiently. We reject all products prohibited by the Togolese government.

Although the government does exempt we are still urging for it to increase to 100% to get full support for our work.


Computer Lab Accessibility

Now days, computer and internet knowledge is spreading and gaining importance worldwide. Here in Togo it is becoming more important for everyone to learn new skills and be up to date with the most recent technologies. That is why a ramp was installed in the computer lab in order to give access to those who are handicap.


We would like to truly thank the SchönbuchGymnasiumHolzgerlingen who contributed to make this project come through.



In 2013, a pigsty was build in the center which has allowed many opportunities to participants of the center: Messan, AMEGNIHOK.Samson’s sonis a trainerin thisfieldand workstogether with volunteer Thomas to now provide apprentices in agriculture can now be trained. Thepiggeryincludes twoenclosureseach, whichcontainsmore thanthirteenpigs. Those who areinterestedand want toget involved inthis project will bereceived with openarmsinAGERTO!


Sewing Machines


Thanks to the generous donation made by the Zwirner family, AGERTO has been able to purchase electric sewing machines that increase the productivity of the center instead of having members commute to use machines. Now the center is equipped with many machines and not only provides people with the opportunity to be trained in Batik-sewing but it has offered new opportunities to allow an apprentice whois called upon from the city toengage in training and help multiply the AGERTO outreach and help increase profits for the center.




Togo is locatedinwestern Africawhere the years consist of a wet and dry season. As the soil dries it must withstand the heavy rain falls. Since the gutter system, is not widespread heavy erosion is a risk to the center when rain falls. To preventerosionon thegroundAGERTOhasnow installed an underground gutter system which discharges the water out of the center.


Guest singer at Madame Pasteur Abitor


AGERTO is very lucky to work with Madame Pasteur Abitor. She is one of the most well known singers in Togo and has been a big help in contributing to the efforts of AGERTO. Madame Pasteur is someone who although has struggled with having parts of her body paralyzed she still has time to give to her energy to provide for orphans and rejected children.


After president had a visit with her, she explained; "I felt a big burden to do something for these children, otherwise I will be indebted to the Lord. It's like a mission that my Father tells me, and I must humbly and faithfully respond to this call. "


This is why Madame Pasteur Abitor works with more than 100 children who are placed with relatives in Lomé. She is committed to dedicating efforts to furthering childhood education. The purpose of AGERTO’s reunion with her was in order to bridge her initiatives and AGERTO’s charitable training center. Having succeeded in this, we have the right to let them fly in their lives.

If you are interested in supporting the Makafui foundation, do not hesitate to contact us.


Developmental Aid


Project Justification


UNICEF explains how children are often those that are affected most by poverty worldwide. The early years of our lives are most crucial when it comes to physical, intellectual and emotional development and poverty plays a big role in negatively affecting this development.


Childhood poverty can cause high mortality and disadvantages in regards to education, protection, health and nutrition.


Poverty not only endangers the lives of children, but it also increases their vulnerability to other hazards, promoting violence and exploitation, including child labor in hazardous conditions, and child trafficking.
AGERTO’s motto is "Train to Transform." This means that we set our attention to the education of children who are facing harsh and poor conditions. We want to avoid children being homeless and unemployed so to us this means providing one meal a day, a free vocational training and protection and a place to live.
Our center creates a good social environment and allows young people to flourish - the basis for a happy life!


General objective: TRAINTO TRANSFORM

Theoverall project objective istosupportyouth in need to help improve their living conditions and create theleaders of tomorrow.


Specific operationalobjectivesto build an orphanage:
- Buyland inthe area
-Build an orphanageable toaccommodate all children
-Takecare of poor children and orphans; helpbuildtheiremotional lives; afuture career; allow them accessto formal educationandsupport them until they areindependent.